Blini - pancakes.

✔ 500 grams (1,1 lb) flour
✔ 800 grams (1,8 lb) milk
✔ 20 grams (1 oz) fresh yeast
✔ 1 ea egg
✔ 40 grams (1,4 oz) butter
✔ oil

You can make blini (pancakes) from flour made from wheat flour, buckwheat or oats. Heat 200 grams of milk or water, dissolve 20 grams of fresh yeast in it, add 250 grams of flour and mix the thick batter well. Leave it to stand for 2-3 hours in a warm place, and when it has risen, add 40 grams of melted butter, a teaspoon - full of salt, a tablespoonful of sugar, an egg and 250 grams of flour, and mix well. Then dilute with 600 grams of warm milk and leave to stand in a warm place. When the batter has risen, beat it down, and leave it to rise again. Now you are ready to cook the blini.

Heat frying-pan with a long handle, rub with oil, pour in some batter and swirl the pan lightly to spread it evenly. When one side is cooked, turn the blini over and cook the other side. Repeat with the remaining batter, add oil into frying-pan as needed. As each pancake is cooked, transfer to warm platter and keep warm until all are cooked.

Blini are often served with red and black caviar and salted fish, such as salmon, chum or herring. They can also be served with sour cream or melted butter. Many people like their blini sweet, and eat them with all kinds of jam and tea.

Note: If oatmeal flour is unavailable, process 1-1/4 cups quick or old-fashioned oats in blender or food processor until finely ground. You should have 1 cup oatmeal flour. Store unused oatmeal flour airtight in refrigerator or freezer.