Millet and semolina Blini - pancakes.

Блины с семечками подсолнуха и саго, блины с лепестками розы

✔ 2 cups millet, washed.
✔ 2 cups semolina.
✔ 4 cups cold water.
✔ 20 grams (1 oz) fresh yeast
✔ 4 eggs, beaten.
✔ 2 cups very hot, boiling water.
✔ pinch baking soda.
✔ pinch salt.
oil to fry.

1. Heat 4 cups of water. Put into boiling water washed millet and cook until tender. Chill.

2. Dissolve 20 grams of fresh yeast in dollop lukewarm water and add into cooked millet.

3. Combine millet with baking soda, eggs, semolina. Leave it covered with tea towel to stand overnight in a warm place, and when it has risen, add 2 cups boiling water and mix. Now you are ready to cook the millet blini.

4. Heat frying-pan with a long handle, rub with oil, pour in some batter and swirl the pan lightly to spread it evenly. When one side is cooked, turn the blini over and cook the other side.
Repeat with the remaining batter, add oil into frying-pan as needed.
Serve with melted butter.