Home made kefir, Drinks and Beverages.

Kefir is a refreshing probiotic cultured-milk beverage. Kefir has a uniform thick creamy consistency, a slightly sour refreshing taste, with a mild aroma of fresh yeast. Kefir also has a slight naturally carbonated effervescent "zest". Many aromatic compounds contribute to kefir's unique flavor and distinctive pleasant aroma.
✔ 3 cups Milk
✔ 3 tbsp sour cream.

1. Heat the milk until boil. Pour into thermos with an air tight lid. Keep in thermos for 7 hours.
2. Chill to room temperature.
3. Add sour cream and stir well. Keep in a warm place for 24 hours or until set.
Kefir is ready, keep in refrigerator.

Конфеты из сухого молока с финиками