Omelette with ham.

This recipe is for the ideal breakfast. Just five minutes… and you have a delicious, rich dish on your table.
Ingredients: (for 3 person)

✔ 4 - 5 ea eggs.
✔ 2 cup (almost 3/4 pint) milk.
✔ ham slices to taste.
greens: dill, parsley, scallion, basil, celery.
✔ salt and pepper to taste.
✔ butter, or oil

Зеленый омлет

1. Whisk eggs in a deep bowl, combine with milk and stir until homogenous. Beat the eggs mixture with a salt.
2. Cut ham into stripes, then pour over eggs mix. Put in the preheated oven until done. (Leave it until dense.)
3. Season to taste and add chopped greens. Serve hot.