Cucumber Salad with Mushrooms.

Mushrooms, aboriginal Russian food, are great with cucumbers. Cucumber here appreciated for delicious refreshing taste.

✔ 300 g (12 oz) canned mushrooms.
✔ 2 cucumbers.
✔ 1 onion.
✔ 1 red bell pepper.
✔ 3 tbsp oil.
✔ 1 mustard.
✔ greens.
✔ salt.
✔ 8 lettuce leaves.
✔ pepper.

суп с Вешенками, крапивой и грибами

1. In a deep pan, pour oil, add lemon juice, salt, ground black pepper and julienne mushrooms and stew for 4-5 minutes, cool down.

2. Slice finely cucumbers, chop onion and add to cooled mushrooms. Dress with mustard and chopped greens. Serve on lettuce leaves.