Tomatoes stuffed with rice and sweet paprika.

Плов с грибами

✔ 500 g (1,1 lb) fresh ripe tomatoes, washed an deseeded.
✔ 4 tbsp chopped dill.

For stuffing:
✔ 1 hard boiled egg, cubed.
✔ 1 cup rice, boiled, drained.
✔ 2 sweet paprika, washed and deseeded, cubed.
✔ 3 tbsp mayonnaise.
✔ 3 tbsp oil, to simmer paprika.
✔ ground pepper, salt to taste.
✔ 2 tbsp parsley, chopped.

1. Cut the tops of each of tomato. Take away seeds. Set aside.
2. Simmer paprika with the oil in the pan. Cool. Mix paprika with rice, egg and mayonnaise. Season with salt, parsley, pepper. Stir.
3. Fill tomatoes with the mixture. Sprinkle the stuffed tomato with chopped dill.