Drinks and Beverages. Contents

Drinks and Beverages

Chocolate Kissel (Jelly)
Milk Honey Kissel (Jelly)
Honey with lemon juice
Berries Kissel (Jelly)
Home made kefir with berry jam
Home made kefir

Cold beverages - Kvass:

Apple Kvass
Beet Kvass with citric acid
Beet Kvass
Cherry Kvass
Cranberry Kvass
Currant Kvass
Homes Kvass
Mint Kvass
Peters Kvass
Beetroot wine

Zbiten an old Russian hot herbs beverages:

Zbiten with wine and herbs
Zbiten with cardamom
Zbiten with hop
Zbiten with alcohol
Zbiten with Melissa
Zbiten with cowberry or a cranberry
Zbiten with tea and alcohol

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