Contents soups.

Вегетарианский вермишелевый суп со снытью и грибами Вешенками

Bean Soup with ham
Bean Soup with smoked bone
Beet soup, Svekolnik
Beetroot soup with honey
Beetroot soup, mushrooms
Beetroot soup with beans and balls
Beetroot hot soup with ham
Beetroot soup with smoked goose
Beetroot soup vegetarian
Borscht with dill seeds
Beetroot soup with mushrooms
Beetroot soup with spinach

Beetroot soup with pork, beans
Broth with stuffed cucumbers
Cabbage soup, Shchi
Cabbage Soup with meatballs
Millet and sauerkraut
Soup from sauerkraut, Shchi
Mushroom soup
Mushrooms hot soup with cereal
Mushrooms soup with prunes
Mushrooms soup with squash
Mushrooms chicken hot soup

Mushrooms and Cheese
Mushroom noodles chicken soup
Spinach soup
Potato meat hot soup
Sorrel soup
Sorrel soup with potatoes

Fish soup, Salmon.
Uha, Fish broth.
Uha, Fish broth with Celery.

Cold Soups for Summer time:

Okroshka with meat
Okroshka with beef
Okroshka with carrot
Okroshka with sorrel, potatoes
Okroshka with radish, sour milk
Okroshka with wild rose fruits
Okroshka with beets
Spinach, beets Cold Soup
Beets, kvass cold Soup
Beets, mushrooms, cold Soup with kvass
Beet, sour milk cold Soup with
Beet Cold soup, Borsch
Carrots, beets, sour milk cold soup
Black currant leaves cold soup
Dandelions flowers cold soup
Sauerkraut, mushrooms cold soup