Vegetables. Contents.

запеченные фаршированные баклажаны


Beet Salad with cucumbers
Beet Salad with walnuts
Beet Salad with Rhubarb
Beet Salad with beans
Salad with buds lime
Cauliflower salad with parsley
Red Sauerkraut salad
Cabbage salad with lettuce
Cabbage salad with Rhubarb juice
Cabbage salad with garlic
Cabbage salad with apple
Cabbage salad with cucumber
Cabbage salad with ham and peas
Cabbage salad with tomatoes
Sour Cabbage salad
Tomato - leek salad
Turnip salad
Tomato salad with cheese
Tomato salad with rice
Radish - carrot salad
Cauliflower casserole
Corn Salad
Cucumber - pepper Salad
Cucumber - tomato - corn Salad
Cucumber - Tomato Salad
Spinach, beets - garlic salad
Spinach salad, with egg
Nettles with walnuts
Onion, pickled cucumber salad
Tomatoes with onion salad
Paprika salad with tomato
Radish salad with cucumber
Rice with ham and corn salad
Lettuce with lemon slices salad
Squids Salad
5 petals: cabbage, beets, apple, ham, peas

Stuffed vegetables:

Stuffed cabbage rolls with meat
Stuffed cabbage rolls with dried apricots
Stuffed cabbage rolls with white beans
Stuffed cabbage, Rolls with buckwheat
Stuffed cabbage rolls with carrot
Stuffed cabbage rolls with rice
Stuffed cabbage rolls with vegetables
Stuffed Cabbage with vegetables
Tomatoes stuffed with apples
Tomatoes stuffed with cheese
Tomatoes stuffed with chicken
Tomatoes stuffed with pork and rice
Tomatoes stuffed rice and sweet paprika
Beets stuffed with raisins and rice
Cucumber stuffed with tomato and egg
Cucumber stuffed with eggs and onion

Fried vegetables:

Dandelion Leaves fried
Onion dill spaghetti with cheese
Macaroni with leek
Macaroni with vegetables
Onion dill spaghetti
Rice with vegetables
Sorrel casserole

Fried Cauliflower
Fried Broccoli florets
Fried string bean with chicken breast
Fried string bean with Ham
Fried string bean with Ketchup
Cabbage fried with vegetables
Cabbage fried with Beans
Cabbage fried with chicken breast

Nettles pasta.
Nettles lasagna.
Nettles ravioli.
Nettle tart.
Pickled greens.
Nettles soup with mushrooms.